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Waves​ Autism Center, LLC

Autism Support, Social Skill and Life Skill Groups, Summer Day Camps, Parent Support, and Community Outreach

We are so excited about our upcoming career exploration workshops coming January 22, 2020 for those that are ages 13 to 22 that have not graduated from high school. The first one we will be offering is a 10-week workshop to learn the basics of becoming a Graphic Artist! 

We currently have weekly social skill and life skill groups during the school year for those in elementary, middle, high school and young adults 18+. If you would like more information on our programs at Waves, contact Shelley at 478-733-2597 or send an email to [email protected]


[email protected]

Social Skill Groups

Waves Autism Center, LLC

Social and Life Skill Groups

 for Those with Autism  


I am so happy to be able to offer social and life skill groups for those with autism in the Middle Georgia area for elementary age to young adult 18+. It would be my privilege to walk alongside of you and your family as you navigate the needs of your children and young adults. Waves Autism Center was born out of a desire to offer an additional resource to provide opportunities to cultivate connections and social interactions with peers their own age. They do not replace a therapy session, but are intended to create opportunities for social interactions and build friendships that may last a lifetime. 

Social Skill Groups​

Groups consist of a maximum of 8 members. There will be separate groups for boys and girls in elementary, middle, high school, and young adult 18+ that ​will meet for an hour and 15 minutes each week, during the school year. The first part of the hour will be an unstructured time to meet and greet. This will be followed by a short time of review from the previous session. There will be at least 30 minutes to discuss the main topic and complete an activity. The last 15 minutes we will invite the parents to join us to share what we have been working on and to answer any questions they may have. We will also give handouts for the students to take home to encourage them in between groups sessions. During the school year we will have special fun days and celebrate holidays in a way that will provide opportunities to use the skills that are learned. In the event a get together will be off-sight you will be notified in advance and there will be a release form to be signed beforehand.  

Waves Social Skill Groups do not take the place of a therapy session and they are not offered to create a more nuero-typical child or young adult, but is intended to offer opportunities to help our students that have an autism diagnosis live in a world that has many different learners that can make it increasingly difficult for a neurodiverse student to navigate. The skill that we go over include: 1) Setting goals to navigate and succeed in a neurotypical world. 2) Teach-explain why certain behaviors occur and why behavior is important. 3) Model-demonstrate certain social behaviors that will help our students learn to be open to all kinds of different learners, helping them to open up conversations that may lead to more inclusion opportunities within our families, community, and state. 4) Practice-role play to build confidence to enter a conversation with others in many different settings being true to ourselves, but in a way that builds healthy relationships that are not divisive. 5) Taking time to understand our bodies and any sensory concerns our students may have that is interfering in the way of being all that they desire to be. 6) Encourage social interactions among our students and facilitate conversations to bring an awareness of shared interests an d hobbies. 7) Generalize-Provide parental support and encouragement to encourage healthy interactions among families in between our group sessions and beyond. 


We will cover 8 different topics including: 1) group rules/introductions 2) conversations 3) friendship skills and blockers 4) identifying sensory concerns/expressing emotions 5) coping and minimizing anger and anxiety 6) peer conflict 7) sportsmanship and 8) manners with parental input. I encourage parental feedback, if time allows, at the end of a session or via email. I understand that we all have our own way of expressions and customs that are unique to each of us and to our families. Please let me know, how I can incorporate your customs and traditions in a group session to gain the best outcome for your family.

Intake Assessment and Payment Policy

Give us a call prior to making payment here for a free phone consultation. Together we can schedule an initial intake session at a time that is convenient for you! The intake session has a fee of $75 and each weekly group session thereafter will be $35. All fees will be due prior to the start of the scheduled intake and group sessions, which can be paid below. I am private pay and do not participate on any of the insurance panels, however, I am a family support vender for Middle Flint Behavioral Healthcare, River Edge, and Easter Seals Champions for Children, which means, if you have been approved for their family support funding, the only out-of-pocket expense you will have to pay will be the initial $75 intake fee. We are also a family support vender for the Anchor of Hope Foundation!   


 Thank you for considering us as an additional resource for you and your family! We offer a safe environment where you will find caring people that desire to walk alongside of you and your family. You will also find peer helpers trained to offer support for your child as they learn new life skills and cultivate new friendships! I look forward to connecting with you soon!  


[email protected] 


You can follow along with us at facebook, instagram, and twitter!

Social Skill Groups